Performance aviation carpet machines


Aircraft Carpet Serging Machine

Karpet King produce a full range of aircraft carpet serger, whipping or edging machines.

Whether its high traffic commercial aircraft carpet or low traffic high quality Private/VIP jet carpet, we have the machine for you. All our aircraft carpet whipping and serging machines are designed to produce a high quality stitch and  provide many years of reliable service. The Karpet King 812 AERO machine is our base model and is more than capable of handling the thickest and densest aircraft carpets on the market. The 812 AERO can handle external and internal radius curves and corners.  The same can also be said for the Karpet king 812 AERO+, this model has all the same features and capabilities of the standard AERO but with the addition of a close coupled rear puller. This extra puller feed is able to cope with even the heaviest of carpets.

The same rear puller is also used on our portable floor operated model, the 812 AERO PBL, this model utilizes the extra feeding power in a different way, to physically pull the machine around the perimeter of the carpet rather than having to manipulate heavy carpets around a fixed table mounted machine.

Finally our 712 AERO model is specifically designed for commercial airline carpets and has several ergonomic options  to handle long narrow lengths of cabin carpet.

(ergo option details provided on request)

We are the experts in FLYING CARPETS

In the world of commercial aviation logistics is a word that for many sums up the whole industry . Having the correct size or ship-set of replacement carpet at the right location at short notice is vital.

Many airline companies are asking us how we can simplify this, enabling them to quickly replace aircraft carpets in multiple locations either due to accidental damage, wear or planned refitting.

Our Karpet King AERO range of carpet edging and serging machinery has been designed for the production of cabin carpet ship-set’s for complete cabin refits or for producing one off individual sections of cabin carpet due to unforeseen damage.

If you have any specific edging requirements then please do not hesitate in contacting one of our sales team who will advise you on which carpet serger is most suitable for your company.


Our machines are suitable for,

  • Commercial Aircraft Carpet Edging
  • Private & Business Jet Carpets
  • Vip Jet Carpets
  • Light Aircraft Carpets
  • Helicopter Carpets