812 AERO+ Heavy Duty Aircraft Carpet Serger

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812 AERO+ Heavy Duty Aircraft Carpet Serger

The Karpet King 812  AERO+ heavy duty aircraft carpet serger is very similar to the standard 812 AERO machine but with the + (added advantage)  of it’s heavy duty puller feed system.

This additional puller unit on the 812 AERO+ heavy duty aircraft carpet serger allows the feeding of much heavier carpets through the stitching area and is able to serge thin high density commercial airline cabin carpets as well as having the required pulling power to handle the much thicker and heavier VIP/Private jet cabin carpets.

The 812 AERO+ can also serge internal and external curves with ease using either man made yarns for commercial airlines or wool yarns used on the highest quality VIP jet carpets.

The heavy duty puller system is designed to consistently feed Polyamide backed carpets, eliminating inconsistent stitch lengths that can lead to carpet shrinkage or distortion.


  • Commercial Airline Carpets
  • Aircraft Ship Set Production
  • Private VIP Jet Carpets
  • Intricately Shaped Helicopter Carpets
  • Light Aircraft Carpets

Simple, affordable

Simple to operate and easy to maintain.

812-AERO+ Main Features

  • Operates with BCF Polypropylene, Polyester and Wool yarns
  • Three Threads (1 yarn and 2 sewing threads)
  • All carpet thicknesses
  • Ideal for Commercial or VIP/Private Jet carpets
  • Available in 1ph 110v or 220v or 3ph 380-415v