Delivering the perfect edge


Marine RV and Caravan

Marine RV and caravan carpets need to be well fitted and of the highest quality due to the high foot traffic they will endure in confided spaces. The carpets are  usually made in small intricately shaped sections that are designed to be removed for cleaning or access to storage .

Our marine RV and caravan trimming clients are usually business owners who have come to expect very high standards of workmanship, so a high quality whipped/serged edge to the carpet is important.

We also supply many boat and yacht manufacturers whose customers expect the higher quality serged finish rather than a lower quality taped edge (tape binding).

Perfect Serged Edge

Our Karpet King range of marine RV and caravan carpet sergers are designed for whipping with wool, BCF, polypropylene and polyester and are able to sew intricate internal and external corners and curves giving a perfect serged edge.