812 PBL Portable Carpet Whipping Machine

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812 PBL Portable Carpet Whipping Machine

The 812-PBL portable carpet whipping machine or Carpet Serger combines the well-known high quality and stitching ability of the standard 812-P machine (table mounted version) along with the convenience of being able to whip carpets on-site at the customer’s premises.

Simply take the 812-PBL Portable Carpet Whipping machine from your vehicle and complete the job there and then. Saves time and money, why wait two or three days for the carpet to be whipped.

This means there are no logistical issues of taking carpet back to base or to your local carpet whipping company.


  • Large area rugs that are not practical to move around a fixed table mounted machine
  • Heavy Stair runners
  • Create added value, make the customer some rugs or doormats from the remnants that are on site and turn it to instant cash.
  • Automobile carpets
  • Marine carpets

Simple, affordable

Simple to operate and easy to maintain.

 Main Features  

 812-PBL Portable Carpet Whipping Machine

  • Stitches all weights of carpet thick or thin
  • Whip / Serge carpets on the customers premises, no need for return journeys
  • Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Feed
  • No need for Expensive Tape underlay
  • Three threads (1 yarn and 2 Sewing Threads)
  • Stitches with Wool, BCF or Polypropylene unlike most other portable machines on the market
  • Available in either 220v and 110v Motor Voltages, 1 phase
  • The 812-PBL uses three wheels for extra manoeuvrability and eliminates any rocking on uneven floors
  • Optional extra – Heavy duty flight case
  • Optional extra – Under stitch taping foot.

I now make money on practically every fitting job, either with doormats made from offcuts or bespoke runners. Well pleased with the machine.

Kevin NuttallCarpet Fitter - Self Employed