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Automobile Carpet Sergers

Automobile carpets and mats are renowned for being intricately shaped to fit around pedals, steering columns and seat rails.

Our car restoration and trimming clients are usually under close scrutiny from their own customers who in turn are painstakingly restoring and rebuilding vehicles, probably to full concours condition, a much higher standard than when the vehicle was new, so a perfect whipped/serged edge to the carpet is imperative.

Our Karpet King range of automobile carpet sergers are designed for whipping with wool, BCF, polypropylene and polyester and are able to sew intricate internal and external corners and curves.

We also supply many specialist car mat manufacturers who want to offer their customers a higher quality finish than a taped edge (binding).

Auto Carpet Edging


If you have any questions regarding the Karpet King range of Automobile carpet whipping machines then please contact one of our technical sales team who will happily guide you through the various options.

Karpet King Whipping Machines are suitable for the following,

  • Car Mats
  • Classic Car Carpet Sets
  • Car Restorers & Trimming Shops
  • Prestige Car Mats & Rugs