Carpet Sample/Patterns

712-P Carpet Sample and Pattern Book Serger

Carpet Sample/Patterns

712 P Carpet Sample and Pattern Book Whipping Machine

The Karpet King 712-P is specifically designed for Carpet Sample/Pattern Book manufacturers, where speed along with stitch quality is imperative.

Unlike the 812-P, the 712-P is designed for high speed yarns and operates exclusively with man-made yarns.

The 712-P is able to create beautiful high quality whipped edges using BCF , Polypropylene and Polyester and most other man made yarns.

*Please note the 712P machine cannot stitch internal corners/curves or serge using wool so is unsuitable for general carpet serging operations.


  • Carpet Samples
  • Carpet Pattern Books
  • Bath mats
  • Lightweight rugs

712-P Main Features

  • Very High Speed (up to 3500spm)
  • Operates with BCF and Polypropylene yarns
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Servo Low Power Motor 220v or 110v 1 phase
  • Complete on table with castors
  • 3/8 (9.5mm) Wide serging (other widths available on request)

I increase my production level by 35% and quality is nicer

Jean Claude MartinManager (sample department)

Carpet Whipping Machine

812 P Carpet Whipping Machine

Automobile Trimming, Caravan and RV, Carpet Retailers/Fitters, Carpet Sample/Patterns, Contract Carpets

Karpet King 812 P Carpet Whipping Machine

The 812-P carpet whipping machine is the most popular machine in our range due to its ability to serge/whip all weights of carpet using the full range of Wool's, BCF, Polypropylene and Polyester yarns that are widely used on today's carpets.

The 812-P carpet whipping machine is able to handle all carpet thicknesses and stitch external and internal corners giving a perfect finish every time.

Very popular with Carpet Retailers and Fitters, the 812-P is a reliable workhorse that quickly pays for itself, allowing you to provide customers with a better quality service and faster delivery on whipped/serged carpets.

Example applications

  • Area Rugs
  • Stair Runners
  • Doormats (from waste carpet)
  • Carpet Samples
  • Carpet Skirting’s
  • Automobile carpets
  • Caravan & RV carpets
  • Marine Trimming

Simple, affordable

Simple to operate and easy to maintain.

812-P Main Features

  • Three thread Carpet Whipping Machine (1 Yarn 2 Sewing Threads)
  • Sews with Wool, BCF and Polypropylene (without the need for any expensive tape underlay)
  • Internal Corners
  • External Corners
  • Thick or Thin Carpets
  • Simple to operate (with Free training)
  • Simple to maintain
  • UK delivery available
  • Online Training available
  • Available in either 220v and 110v Motor Voltages, 1 phase or 3phase
  • Available with Clutch Motor or Power Saving Servo Motor (see images)
  • Complete on table (wheels included)
  • Optional extra – Under stitch taping foot.

We contacted Karpet King (Matparts) just before Christmas as our cheaper whipping Machine had let us down once again. We ordered a new Karpet King 812 P, which was delivered out to us with a tutorial of how to use it.

The guy that came out to us was extremely helpful and set the machine up for us free of charge, he also made sure the machine was running smoothly before he left.  He gave great advice on how best to use the machine and this machine has run perfectly for us since without skipping a beat!

 We have whipped up 100's of mats since purchasing the machine and we are very happy with how it works and the finish of the whipping on all sorts off different carpet types.

 Many Thanks Guys


TaraAshlays Flooring

We bought our whipping machine January 2017. We were very impressed with price vs quality. Second to none service was the icing on the cake. Could not be more helpful. We had contacted Richard on a number of occasions. Never failed to help. They put us in touch with contacts and gave us ideas. Highly recommend. Thank you very much,